Lisandro Lopez Baylon was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1951. He studied at the Pan-American School of Arts as well as the School of Fine Arts, both situated in the city of Buenos Aires. Since 1971, he has dedicated his energies exclusively to painting. He has lived and presented expositions in the different cities of South and Central America. 
In 1977, he came to the United States for the first time, and since then has painted in different areas of the country. Traveling has been his custom since he left his country. From his travels, he has gained tremendous insight from the distinctive realities of the various countries as expressed in the dramatization of his paintings.


OIL On Canvas

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Charcoal on Paper

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Sharonjus | 10.05.2019

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How much will cost me to buy one of his pieces

Jose Francisco Corniellis | 05.05.2019

I am thinking of buying one of his pieces from a friend but I don't know how much to pay for his pain

Re: How much will cost me to buy one of his pieces

Daniela Flores | 16.05.2019

I have two pieces of Mr. Lopez Baylon to sale

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DavidSow | 28.03.2019

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steve smith | 13.01.2019

I was in Costa Rica 6 years ago and bought a small print of a painting by you. It was of 4 kids playing soccer, one of the kids has a peg leg. I would like to buy a larger print of this piece. Can you let me know how I can purchase a larger print (8" x 12", or about thart size).
Thank you

Test, just a test

JeremyNed | 24.12.2018

Hello. And Bye.

Precio de obra hombre a caballo 2005

Dulce Arce | 23.10.2018

Estoy interesada en el precio

Valor de sus obras

Adalberto Alguero | 04.01.2018

Saludos.. admiro mucho sus obras... recientemente heredé una obra de oleo... de 2 barcos.. queria saber donde puedo hacerle avalúo.. o conocer su valor


Francisco | 10.04.2016

Hola usted ha hecho una obras pequeñas que tienen marco de diferent colores.Adonde la puedo encontrar.Se puede enmarcar?


Ffrancisco | 27.03.2016

Hola,me gustaria un dibujo o pintura de usted adonde la puedo comprar en centro América

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